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    You do not have to be on this team to race with us, you just need to be able to follow these simple rules.
   No dirty driving.
    No revenge driving.
    No excessive cussing.
    No abusive language to other drivers.
    If you get a BlueFlag in race move OUT OF FAST LINE and let leader(s) by.**
    No cutting the tracks.
    No speeding in pitlane.
    No jump starts.* 
*JUMP STARTS---No passing before start/finishline! There may be a few exceptions like: if a driver in front of you spins, or their game freezes up and they just sit there.  But all races are reviewed by replays and penalties or bonuses will be given accordingly. (see points section below)
**Blue flag exceptions: If you are on the lead lap AND you have a healthy car, you may race the leader to stay on lead lap. NO BLOCKING LEADER. If leader gets position(his front bumper at your door) on you at any point, you must let him by. Once you are a lap down or more, you MUST obey blue flags.(you don't need to pull over and slow down, just get out of the fast line)

   Check racing series for format.

   Check racing series for points.

    Mechanical failures on Normal
   Damage 100%
    Tire wear 2x
    Fuel usage 2x
    Auto clutch and shifting are allowed, everything else dissallowed.
    No fixed sets.
    No forced driving view.